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Your Windows, Beautifully Restored.

We know you love your older home and all the charm it brings to your life. As our homes age, issues arise and we need to give extra care. If your vintage wood windows aren’t working like they should, are painted shut, or in complete disrepair, you don’t have to replace them. There is an alternative option: restoration!

What We Do

Diagnostics, Repairs, & Full Restorations


We know everything there is to know about your original windows. We know how they should work, all the different moving parts, and common issues. We’ll come to your home to diagnose your window’s problem and make recommendations.


Your original windows are beautiful. Just like with everything else, the older they get, they more likely they will need a little TLC. Sometimes the answer is a simple repair of just one of the moving parts to get the windows you love working again.

Full Restoration

Sometimes your windows will require a complete restoration to get it working smoothly and looking beautifully. Our process brings your windows back to their operation and aesthetic glory. With routine painting and maintenance, restored sash should thrive the rest of this century.

Don’t Replace, Restore.

We’re passionate about preserving the beauty and integrity of windows in older homes.

Wood windows play an important role in your home’s energy efficiency, aesthetic, and property value. They are the eyes and soul of your home, both inside and out; so replacing them with new vinyl or clad windows is out of the question. But what if your windows are in need of repair? Cracked glass? Painted shut? Broken glazing?

We are proud to offer full wood window restoration, a complete array of window maintenance, repair, and optimization, as well as SpencerWorks traditional and “All Season” storm windows as the state’s exclusive dealer.

Unlike replacement window companies, we’re not looking to sell you what you don’t want or need. Our company philosophy is to fix and restore your windows at your pace. Want to restore all of your windows in one season? We’ll do it. Want to restore three a year for the next five years? We’ll do that, too. Want to make a few windows work in one room and restore another room? You guessed it: we’ll do that, too.

We strive to not only exceed customer expectations, but also fulfill the obligation of keeping history alive and preventing these beautiful windows from needlessly ending up in landfills.

From small repairs like replacing sash rope and weatherstripping to larger, full sash rehabilitation projects, we do it all. The first step is to meet, assess the condition of your windows, and create a custom course of action that will best serve you and your home. 

Our Process

After removing the sash from your home, we safely remove previous lead paint coatings on both the interior and exterior sides. The sashes are then cleaned, repaired, squared, primed, painted, and re-glazed to your specifications.

We return your refurbished sash to your home, re-install them with either new sash rope or the metal chain of your choosing, install new parting beads and original stops, interlocking weatherstripping, and refinish the completed, fully functional window unit so that, with proper maintenance, they can last another century and continue to add beauty, pride, and value to your home.

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